7 the number of good mood

7 the ladybug black spots

7 the colors of the rainbow

7 the musical notes

​7 the wonders of the world

​7 the days of the week:

​PUNTOSETTE different pieces for each day of the week

PUNTOSETTE is an athleisure collection, a new way to conceive the fashion proposition: our philosophy is to propose limited edition collections for every season, ranging from garments to accessories.

PUNTOSETTE proposes seemingly little-constructed garments, extra-slim or over-volumes, to be worn and combined with different looks, day or evening.

Cuts and refined details, graphics and conceptual applications, over-borders, fabrics and manufacturing strictly Made in Italy.

A simple but original style, relaxed elegance, a pass-par-tout for all occasions.

Inside the E-Commerce store, beside the collection, PUNTOSETTE  proposes a one of a kind and limited edition pieces. Relaxed and self-confident style, always different, with a conceptual note.